Thursday, 2 October 2014

Newsletter #2

Adciva's Newsletter Issue 2, October 2014

Hello Diva's

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

Our first month back has been a blast.

Thank you all for making the forum feel like home again.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

We have had an addition to our team.

JackieBeth has accepeted a position in the team.

Please join me in congratulating her.

 «·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

We will be having loads of Halloween Fun over October.

There really is something for everyone.

Even those of you who don't celebrate Halloween, there are fun challenges over on the challenges board for you to play with.

Also, don't forget, even though most of the special challenges are Halloween themed, there are also some BCA themed ones.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

We will also be running two competitions this month.

[b]PFD Competition

CDO *Artist's* Competition[/b]

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

Diva Of The Month for October is..... 


A huge Congratulations to you sweetie.

Enjoy your whole month of being spoiled rotten.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

DOTM VOTING for NOV...Is now open......
Please PM Chilipepper 1 name.....staff or Member
We will be taking a tally and whom has the most votes
Will be DOTM......

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

There is an Anything Goes Auction being run

Haunted Hollows Auction

Pop along and bid, who knows what you may win.

Also, you are welcome to put anything into the Auction, but remember it is exclusive to the highest bidder.

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

We have a few new members in Acdiva's too

I am sure you would all like to pop along and give them a warm Acdiva's welcome

Newbie Introductions

«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸* *¸.·´)¸.·*).·´`·»

Take Care

Acdiva's Team

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